“The next generation of the INFINI RF Microneedling machine!”

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Holland Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is the only medical practice in Maine who offers the GENIUS RF Microneedling procedure!

genius CAN TREAT

Fine lines and wrinkles

Scar and Acne scarring

Tone and textural changes

Sagging Skin

Overall skin rejuvenation



Genius’s proven & impressive design delivers enhanced wrinkle reduction through 3-dimensional energy delivery to volumize tissue. RF energy delivered via insulated gold-coated microneedles creates precise and controllable fractionated coagulation zones within a specific layer of dermis. Adjustable depth control allows for customized and reproducible treatments of delicate areas. Genius effectively lowers the risk of PIH in dark skin types and can be safely used on patients with melasma and other types of pigmented lesions. 

WHY genius?

  • Precise control over coagulation

  • Proprietary Tissue Intelligence

  • Real-time energy delivery feedback system

  • More comfortable treatments


Results without the Pain & Downtime


*Disclaimer: Individual results and experience may vary.

additional resources

Lutronic Genius Website


*Please Note: Your first planning appointment is of utmost importance and you will ultimately achieve a much better outcome for your skin long-term with a proper skin analysis. For our providers to perform this analysis your skin needs to be clean of dirt, oils and makeup. Additionally, safety is Dr. Holland’s priority and removing makeup prior to in-office treatments aids us in providing you with safer, more efficient care. For your convenience, we have a face washing station available if you are unable to arrive with a clean face.