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Holland plastic surgery Patient Stories

*The following stories are from real Holland Plastic Surgery patients. Individual results may vary.


meet nina, m.

acne patient

"After a number of skin incidents that left my face ravaged (including a nasty bout of cystic acne that required antibiotics and aggressive peri-oral dermatitis), I was desperate for help in getting my skin under control.

I found Kate Connor online and she quickly scheduled a consultation with me to evaluate what the individual needs of my skin were. During the consultation she explained what was happening inside my pores, and how we could tackle the problem of my breakouts and skin congestion at the very root of the problem, not just on the surface.

We decided that chemical peels were the best place to start in treating my skin's needs. Kate washed and steamed my face, giving a back and shoulder massage during the steam portion of the treatment. Then she went in and did extractions, explaining that before the peel she likes to clean out your pores as much as possible. Trust me, she is fearless when it comes to extractions. The peel itself is tingly, but in my experience, not painful. Kate made sure to keep checking that I was comfortable and not in any pain during the entire process. After the acid, she wiped me off, put on some sunscreen and gave me clear after-care instructions.

Believe me when I tell you that this was the best choice I have ever made with my skin.

After a week my face was already transformed. My big nasty breakout areas had smoothed over and seemed to have dried up post peel. My skin looked and even felt healthier.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. I've have somewhere around 5 peels with Kate now, and my face looks better than it did when I was a teenager. I don't get deep cystic pimples anymore, I don't have bumps on my chin or around my mouth anymore. My face is soft, and most of my scars and discoloration have faded. I have a better understanding of how my skin works, and what my skin does and doesn't like. When I am shopping for products I consider the advice Kate has given me during my sessions, and I check for ingredients that may irritate my face. What I like the most though is that I can go out in public or on a date with no makeup on and not feel self conscious or embarrassed about my skin.

Kate is a skin goddess and possibly a goddess in general. She saved my face and I believe she improved my quality of life dramatically. I cannot recommend her highly enough."




meet kathy, v.

thermiva vaginal rejuvenation patient

"I recently became aware of a relatively new treatment for a problem shared by a great number of women. Because it is a "female" problem that involves sexuality, it remains under-discussed. Many find it difficult to even talk about, even with their doctors. That problem is vaginal atrophy. It's a problem as universal as menopause. It sounds terrible, and it really is for the women who have come to believe they just to live with it. The women that do consult with their doctors are often prescribed hormonal replacement therapies. But not all women want to use hormones, and not all women can.

Like many others, I was not a candidate for estrogen replacement because I had breast cancer that was estrogen receptor positive. My cancer treatment included an aromatase inhibitor which exacerbated my vaginal symptoms. I put up with this condition for five years. A few months before my five year annual visit to my oncologist, I fortuitously stumbled upon a webinar hosted by my plastic surgeon, Sarah Holland. She was discussing the benefits of ThermiVa. I had never heard of it before. I learned that many women, of all ages, were finding cosmetic and functional value from this therapy that uses radio-frequency energy for internal and external vaginal rejuvenation. ThermiVa also helps some women with stress incontinence.

I am currently being treated at Dr. Holland's office. It's fast, easy and painless. I'm not finished with treatment, but I am already getting truly positive results. This is a life changer for me. But hardly anyone seems to know about it. There are other similar vaginal therapies available to women as well. I don't understand why many doctors are unaware of these breakthroughs concerning vaginal health."




meet beverly, s.


"The best part of what I went through with breast cancer? Was you!!! You gave me piece of mind, comfort and friendship. Every time I put this hoodie on, I will be thinking about you and sending you love and happiness through the universe. When I'm four wheeling, motorcycling, walking, ski -dooing, the universe is going to be busy! YOU ROCK SARAH HOLLAND!! I just love you for being a part of my life, then and still!!"




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