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"After a number of skin incidents that left my face ravaged (including a nasty bout of cystic acne that required antibiotics and aggressive peri-oral dermatitis), I was desperate for help in getting my skin under control. I found Kate Connor online and she quickly scheduled a consultation with me to evaluate what the individual needs of my skin were. We decided that chemical peels were the best place to start in treating my skin's needs. Believe me when I tell you that this was the best choice I have every made with my skin. After a week my face was already transformed. Needless to say, I am hooked. My face looks better than it did when I was a teenager. What I like the most though is that I can go out in public with no makeup on and not feel self conscious. Kate is a skin goddess. She saved my face and I believe she improved the quality of my life dramatically. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

- Nina M.


Meet Mary


“Dr. Holland was able to give insight for questions I had on cool sculpting. Facility was beautiful and Katie was very nice and not pressuring with anything.”

— Mary Q.


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