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Holland plastic surgery real Patient Stories

*The following stories are from real Holland Plastic Surgery patients. Individual results may vary.



Meet Robyn, A.

botox, breast reduction, coolsculpting & skin care patient

I first met Dr. Holland 3 years ago after my first daughter was born. As a new mom who was always tired, constantly on the go and living on coffee I was feeling like I needed a little “refreshing”. So I made my first appointment to “try” some botox. From the minute I met Dr. Holland I immediately felt at ease, comfortable, excited, and I just knew I was in the right place! The appointment was so laid back, we chatted and laughed. She was quick and precise. I could not believe how well it went. In just a few short days I was completely amazed! My face looked incredible. The scowl lines on my brow area were totally gone. I looked at least 10-15 years younger.

I knew the very first time I met Dr. Holland 3 years ago she was the doctor who was going to do my second breast reduction. And she did! And I could not be more happy with the outcome. I had my first reduction about 17 years ago when I was just 19. And to be honest, my first procedure was wonderful and I did not think that anyone would be able to top that surgery or surgeon. I was wrong! Dr. Holland was amazing. Everything from all the pre op appointments, calls, paperwork-her office staff are the absolute dream team! I usually get very anxious and stressed before surgery, but Dr. Holland and her staff put me at ease and I was cool as a cucumber, and actually excited! The end result was far beyond what I expected. Perfection!

I have since had several other procedures and services at the office. I had coolsculpting on my belly. After 2 babies, my stomach needed a bit of love! But to be honest, my stomach as been a problem area my entire life and no matter what measures I took, it never got smaller or looked any better. I could not believe how much of a difference I saw after just one session! My stomach was flat! My pants fit so much better-no more squeezing into them or sucking in my gut! The procedure was completely painless, and absolutely worth it!

I have been to many salons and spas around central/southern Maine and I can tell you, hands down, you won't find better than HPSA! I have suffered with “bad skin” for most of my life. And no matter what I did, or what treatments I tried, nothing really ever fixed it. Drs appointments, creams, treatments, so much money! Turns out, all you really need is a good esthetician who knows what she's doing and a good simple skin care regimen! Katie Dionne is the best! I was blown away by my facial! She goes above and beyond! She has really taken my skin to a new level! We did a series of peels, a facial, and I have a simple skin care regimen with high quality skin care products right from the office. My face looks and feels the best it has in years! I no longer have painful cystic acne all over my chin and jawline, with hardly any congestion in my pores! My skin tone even looks so much better.

Bottom line-you won't find a better place to take care of you! Whether you need a facial or a major surgery Holland Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is the place to go. Dr. Holland is extremely knowledgeable, caring and absolutely one of the best surgeons I have seen. You can tell she truly cares for her patients! Dr. Holland and her staff are more like family, and I will always be truly grateful for all of them and everything they have done for me. They have truly made a wonderfully positive impact on my quality of life.


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Meet nan, m.

coolsculpting and thermitight neck tightening patient

My name is Nan and I am writing this testimonial because I am so thrilled with the results I’ve been able to obtain through Sarah Holland’s practice in Falmouth Maine. My first venture into cosmetic procedures was coolsculpting and I cannot believe the difference this made in ridding my abdominal area of post-menopausal fat! No more muffin top, no more squeezing into my jeans. And I have a waist! Next month, I’m on the upper arms to rid myself of that swinging horror that was once a tricep.

Last month I underwent a thermitight of my neck and honestly, my neck has been rejuvenated by 20 years. I’m no longer being held hostage by neck scarves for camouflage. And may I just add, the skin care program is everything that it is supposed to be. My fine lines are diminished, my age spots are fading and my skin looks and feels great!

Dr. Holland and her team are completely non-judgement, extremely knowledgeable, skilled and friendly. I love going to my appointments and in-fact, they are becoming a high point of my week! Thank you Holland Plastic Surgery!!



meet kathy, v.

breast cancer survivor, thermiva vaginal rejuvenation patient

"I recently became aware of a relatively new treatment for a problem shared by a great number of women. Because it is a "female" problem that involves sexuality, it remains under-discussed. Many find it difficult to even talk about, even with their doctors. That problem is vaginal atrophy. It's a problem as universal as menopause. It sounds terrible, and it really is for the women who have come to believe they just to live with it. The women that do consult with their doctors are often prescribed hormonal replacement therapies. But not all women want to use hormones, and not all women can.

Like many others, I was not a candidate for estrogen replacement because I had breast cancer that was estrogen receptor positive. My cancer treatment included an aromatase inhibitor which exacerbated my vaginal symptoms. I put up with this condition for five years. A few months before my five year annual visit to my oncologist, I fortuitously stumbled upon a webinar hosted by my plastic surgeon, Sarah Holland. She was discussing the benefits of ThermiVa. I had never heard of it before. I learned that many women, of all ages, were finding cosmetic and functional value from this therapy that uses radio-frequency energy for internal and external vaginal rejuvenation. ThermiVa also helps some women with stress incontinence.

I am currently being treated at Dr. Holland's office. It's fast, easy and painless. I'm not finished with treatment, but I am already getting truly positive results. This is a life changer for me. But hardly anyone seems to know about it. There are other similar vaginal therapies available to women as well. I don't understand why many doctors are unaware of these breakthroughs concerning vaginal health."



meet nina, m.

acne patient

"After a number of skin incidents that left my face ravaged (including a nasty bout of cystic acne that required antibiotics and aggressive peri-oral dermatitis), I was desperate for help in getting my skin under control.

I found Kate online and she quickly scheduled a consultation with me to evaluate what the individual needs of my skin were. During the consultation she explained what was happening inside my pores, and how we could tackle the problem of my breakouts and skin congestion at the very root of the problem, not just on the surface.

We decided that chemical peels were the best place to start in treating my skin's needs. Kate washed and steamed my face, giving a back and shoulder massage during the steam portion of the treatment. Then she went in and did extractions, explaining that before the peel she likes to clean out your pores as much as possible. Trust me, she is fearless when it comes to extractions. The peel itself is tingly, but in my experience, not painful. Kate made sure to keep checking that I was comfortable and not in any pain during the entire process. After the acid, she wiped me off, put on some sunscreen and gave me clear after-care instructions.

Believe me when I tell you that this was the
best choice I have ever made with my skin.

After a week my face was already transformed. My big nasty breakout areas had smoothed over and seemed to have dried up post peel. My skin looked and even felt healthier.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. I've have somewhere around 5 peels with Kate now, and my face looks better than it did when I was a teenager. I don't get deep cystic pimples anymore, I don't have bumps on my chin or around my mouth anymore. My face is soft, and most of my scars and discoloration have faded. I have a better understanding of how my skin works, and what my skin does and doesn't like. When I am shopping for products I consider the advice Kate has given me during my sessions, and I check for ingredients that may irritate my face. What I like the most though is that I can go out in public or on a date with no makeup on and not feel self conscious or embarrassed about my skin.

Kate is a skin goddess and possibly a goddess in general.
She saved my face and I believe she improved my quality of life dramatically. I cannot recommend her highly enough."



meet beverly, s.

breast cancer survivor

"The best part of what I went through with breast cancer? Was you!!! You gave me piece of mind, comfort and friendship. Every time I put this hoodie on, I will be thinking about you and sending you love and happiness through the universe. When I'm four wheeling, motorcycling, walking, ski -dooing, the universe is going to be busy! YOU ROCK SARAH HOLLAND!! I just love you for being a part of my life, then and still!!"



meet annie, d.

breast reduction, injectables, thermitight face & neck

I had an excellent experience as a patient of Dr. Holland. Each and every visit was professional, informative and pleasant. Dr. Holland had a deep consideration for what I hoped to achieve through my surgery, made me feel comfortable about the details and made sure I knew what to expect in terms of outcome. Throughout my breast-reduction process, Dr. Holland was available and open to conversations and questions. Ten years later I am still super happy with my results!



meet morgan, s.

coolsculpting patient

Katie was amazing during my CoolSculpting session! I always felt comfortable and everyone I met was very friendly. I first went and got Coolsculpting on my arms. After seeing my results I went back to get my lower abdomen and flanks done. I would definitely recommend Holland Plastic Surgery!”



Meet Charlene, C.

biote hormone replacement therapy patient

Around here we call Charlene the Grandmother of BioTE. She is the one who encouraged Dr. Holland to research BioTE Bio-identical Hormone Therapy after experiencing the life changing effects first hand. Because of Charlene, we are helping our community not only feel better, but also adding an extra layer of protection for hearts, breasts, brains and bones. We’re so thankful for Charlene’s compassion and desire to pay it forward!



meet anita, t.

mother’s day contest winner (botox, customized facial, skincare)

My wife , Anita, is endlessly selfless, kind and resilient. She has overcome many challenges in her youth and it has prepared her to be a mother to our special needs and medically complex son with a rare genetic syndrome. She sacrifices her needs and dedicates her time to navigating the complex medical system to make sure our son has the specialized equipment, medication and therapies he needs. She hasn't bought herself new material things in over a year due to the financial burdens and our medical bills. Therefore, I hope you chose her as she is very deserving of some pampering.”


Thank you for your generosity and care in treating me to the Mother’s Day Package. It was wonderful to make time for self-care; especially on the road less traveled in parenting a special needs child. With a grateful heart.”



meet kristin, F.S.

coolsculpting patient

I love who I am, inside and out. The decision to go for a CoolSculpting treatment on my neck with Holland Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics was easy. I knew that I wanted to regain some of the firmness I had in my neck and chin area, as I am extremely expressive and do a lot of public speaking.

I love to put my best foot forward and enhancing my neck and chin area through Cool Sculpting took only a few hours.

I met with Dr. Holland’s Esthetician Katie who is trained in advanced Cool Sculpting techniques. We mapped out the area to be sculpted and I sat for back-to-back sessions while each side of my chin was treated. The procedure was painless - the only discomfort came after the procedure was complete during the chin massage process. The treated area was cleaned and rubbed, dispersing some of the tightness.

Results take 4-6 weeks to complete and I am thrilled with the process so far. Cool Sculpting is not intended for weight-loss - it smooths and reduces fat in the targeted areas by up to 20-25%.

I can’t wait to share the “after” photos! Thank you to the incredible team at #hollandspa I am so happy with how I have been treated!

**Note: I was the winner of a contest for two Cool Sculpting treatments. These opinions are my own and reflect my genuine feedback and excitement with my results.



meet jennifer, g.

90 day skin & wellness challenge winner

One of my first experiences with Dr. Holland and her staff was the 90 day challenge. I highly recommend it if it runs again! Not only does your skin feel amazing every month after the rejuvenation it gets from the in office treatments, but there is a great camaraderie that happens among the participants and staff. Every other week we had our group workout, and typically the same people show up (along with members of the staff) so you get to know and cheer each other on. Now that it is over, I absolutely miss our sweat sessions together.

I did the challenge because I thought it was an AMAZING deal, the prizes were phenomenal, and it would get me to be consistent in my skin care routine. Well it worked and I won (shockingly to my surprise)! Not only did I see some nice changes to my skin, you start to feel like family there.



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